The Ball Of Spray Cash Prize Tournament Presented by
Hosted by Whitestone Ski Club at their ASWA Summer Starter 3-Event C E L & R

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Attention Skiers, we have sanctioned this event for 3 days to make an effort for flexibility with the official schedule on Saturday and Sunday. However, the schedule you can plan your weekend by is as follows:

Saturday Lake 1 Start 8:00am – 6:00pm
Grassroots Slalom class C Round 1
Slalom class C Round 1 – Jr, Women, Men, Sr. Adults (Div 7 +)
Trick class C & L Round 1
Jump class C & L Round 1

Saturday Lake 2 Start 8:00am – 4:00pm
BOS and Class L Slalom Rounds 1 & 2 Jr, Women, Men, Sr. Adults (Div 7 +)

Sunday Lake 2 Start 8:00am
Slalom Round 2 – All Classes & Officials
BOS Handicapped final Round
Trick class C & L Round 2

Sunday Lake 1 Start 8:00
Grassroots Slalom class C Round 2
Jump class C & L Round 2
12:30-3:00 BOS Head to Head Finals

This schedule will be refined as we move closer to the event.

The Ball of Spray (BOS) cash prize entry fee is $225 for everyone who enters. The entry fee is how the purse id funded and to be fair to everyone there will be no complementary entries.
The BOS will be run as a class L. However, if you do not want your score to go to the IWWF ranking list then you will not have to purchase the $25 IWWF license, and you will ski under class E. This will not affect how you will compete for prize money what soever, everyone has the same opportunity to win the top prize as anyone else that is entered.
If you are an overall skier and want to ski the 3 rounds of cash prize, the first 2 preliminary rounds will count for your 2 overall scores. The cost for skiing 2 rounds of 3-event overall and the cash prize Ball of spray is
Class L: $365 ($140 2 Rds T&J + $225 3 Rds Slalom cash prize)
Class C: $305 ($80 2 Rds T&J + $225 3 Rds Slalom cash prize – class E)
The OLR will calculate entry fees correctly for individual class C, E, & L events and the BOS $. However, when you combine BOS with other events it will not calculate correctly. In this case, simply go through the OLR including signing the waiver, stop at payment, and contact the registrar to arrange the correct payment.
Registrar: Craig Bryans

Ball of Spray Cash Prize
Pro and amateur skiers alike will compete for over $6,000 in prize money. The two-day event is comprised of 2 rounds of prelims on Saturday and a two final events on Sunday. Every competitor will ski 3 times and every competitor has an opportunity to take home prize money. After 2 rounds the top 16 skiers will compete for $3,000 in a head-to-head final and the remaining skiers will compete for an additional $3,000 in a handicapped traditional tournament round.

General Notes and Rules

  1. To be eligible for the final handicap round, a skier must have scores from 3 or more different USAWS tournaments in the previous 12 months
  2. Handicaps will be calculated from each skier’s USAWS 12 month 3 score average
  3. BallOfSpray reserves the right to tweak individual handicaps and entry qualifications as needed
  4. Non USAWS skiers who can provide documentation of scores from other federations will be admitted at the discretion of the event organizer
    All scores will be entered into the Cash Prize Score Book without regard to boat speed.
    The values for 34 MPH scores will be used for 36 mph and 32 mph skiers.
    • Scoring Example: 4 @38 off = 100 buoys at 34mph and at 36 mph and at 32 mph
    Seeding for the Head to Head will be as follows
  5. Skiers with the 8 highest scores from prelims will take seeds 1 through 8
  6. Skiers with the highest combined scores from rounds 1 and 2 (but not one of the 8 highest scores) will take seeds 9 through 16
    All rules are subject to change
    Entries are non-refundable unless the event fills.
    Entry fees will only be refunded when a skier from the waiting list replaces a canceled entry.
    The entry fee is $225

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Whitestone Officials’ Development Slalom Series
Whitestone Lake Estates, Talking Rock, GA.
Lake 2 slalom 2-3 rounds from 1:00 – 8:00 pm
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Week of August 29th
Week of September 19th
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