2022 The Ball Of Spray Cash Prize Tournament Presented by Wakehouse.com
Hosted by Whitestone Ski Club at their AWSA Summer Starter 3-Event C E L & R

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Whitestone Summer Starter 3-Event class C,E,L,&R

Combined with

BallOfSpray Slalom Cash Prize class E/L/R

Sponsored by WakeHouse and pulled by MasterCraft Boats & S Line Ropes

Two Great Events at one Great Site! A 3-Event Tournament & Ball of Spray Cash Prize 3-round Slalom

Saturday Evening Live Entertainment, Food Trucks, Local Brews


Attention Skiers, we have sanctioned this event for 3 days to make an effort for flexibility with the official schedule on Saturday and Sunday. However, the schedule you can plan your weekend by is as follows:

Saturday Lake 1 Start 8:00am – 6:00pm
Grassroots Slalom class C Round 1
Slalom class C Round 1 – Jr, Men, Sr. Adults (Div 7 +), Women
Trick class C & L Round 1
Jump class C & L Round 1

Saturday Lake 2 Start 8:00am – 4:00pm
BOS and Class L Slalom Rounds 1 & 2 Jr, Men, Sr. Adults (Div 7 +), Women

Sunday Lake 2 Start 8:00am
Slalom Round 2 – All Classes & Officials
BOS Handicapped final Round
Trick class C & L Round 2

Sunday Lake 1 Start 8:00
Grassroots Slalom class C Round 2
Jump class C & L Round 2 & cash prize finals
BOS Head to Head Finals

Awards Presentations

This schedule will be refined as we move closer to the event. ws.events@whitestonelakeestates.com


The Ball of Spray (BOS) cash prize entry fee is $225 for everyone who enters. The entry fee is how the purse is funded and to be fair to everyone there will be no complementary entries.

If you are an overall skier and want to ski the 3 rounds of cash prize, the first 2 preliminary rounds will count for your 2 overall scores. The cost for skiing 2 rounds of 3-event overall and the cash prize Ball of spray is
Class L: $365 ($140 2 Rds T&J + $225 3 Rds Slalom cash prize)
Class C: $305 ($80 2 Rds T&J + $225 3 Rds Slalom cash prize – class E)

The OLR will calculate entry fees correctly for individual class C, E, & L events and the BOS $. However, when you combine BOS with other events it will not calculate correctly. In this case, simply go through the OLR including signing the waiver, stop at payment, and contact the registrar to arrange the correct payment.
Registrar: Dave Savula Events@WhitestoneLakeEstates.com

BallOfSpray Slalom Cash Prize

Pro and amateur skiers alike will compete for $6,000 in prize money. The event is comprised of 2 rounds of prelims and a final. Every competitor will ski 3 times and every competitor has an opportunity to take home prize money. The 16 skiers with the highest scores will compete for $2,000 in one of two a head-to-head finals and the remaining skiers will compete for an additional $2,000 in a handicap final.

The Cash Prize two-day event is comprised of 2 rounds of prelims on Saturday and a two-tier final on Sunday, (Head-to-Head and Handicapped). The entry fee is $225

Driving: MasterCraft is sending some of their top drivers, and Sure Path will be in use to ensure the best slalom pulls possible.

H2H #1H2H #2 Handicap
1$1,000$1,000 $1,000
2$500$500 $500
3$250$250 $250
4$125$125 $125
5$63$63 $63
6$31$31 $31
7$16$16 $16
8$8$8 $8

· Every BOS skier will ski a minimum of 3 L/R class rounds

· Close to half the skiers will receive a prize money

· Nine skiers will receive payouts in excess of their entry fee

· Three Grand Prize winners will each receive $1,000

General Notes and Rules

1.     To be eligible for the handicap round, a skier must have scores from 3 or more different USAWS tournaments in the previous 24 months

2.     Handicaps will be calculated from each skier’s USAWS 12-month 3 score average. If a skier does not have 3 scores from the last 12 months a 24-month average will be used

3.     BallOfSpray reserves the right to tweak individual handicaps and entry qualifications as needed

4.     Non USAWS skiers who can provide documentation of scores from other federations will be admitted at the discretion of the event organizer

All scores will be entered into the Cash Prize Score Book without regard to boat speed. The values for 34 MPH scores will be used for 36 mph and 32 mph skiers.

  • Example: 4 @38 off = 100 buoys at 34mph and at 36 mph and at 32 mph

Seeding for the Head-to-Head will be as follows

1.     Skiers with the 8 highest scores from prelims will take seeds 1 through 8

2.     Skiers with the highest combined scores from rounds 1 and 2 (but not one of the 8 highest scores) will take seeds 9 through 16

All rules are subject to change

Entries are non-refundable unless the event fills. Entry fees will only be refunded when a skier from the waiting list replaces a canceled entry.

If you have any questions, please contact John Horton at  Horton@BallOfSpray.com

See next page for more Info.

First Annual Whitestone Jump Challenge Cash Prize

a.k.a. Balls Astray Jump Challenge

Entry Fee $50

Must have a non-zero Rankings List jump score to be eligible to enter. Skiers must enter before first round of jump. First two rounds of jump are standard 3 jump format.

Skier earns points by comparing best jump each round to updated Rankings List Score (uRLS).

Ranking List Score (RLS) from AWSA will be updated after each round by averaging skier’s best jump with their RLS. The new average (uRLS) or the original RLS will be the benchmark, whichever is higher.

After updating RLS, skier’s score will be best jump in that round minus uRLS.

For example, RLS is 100 and skier’s best jump is 110, updated RLS is 105. Skier’s score that round is 110 – 105 (uRLS), so skier earns 5 points. If same skier jumps 99, skier will score -1 point for that round; 99 – 100, best jump minus uRLS.

Not to worry if you have a negative score. You could still win. The expectation is most skier’s will not out jump their RLS. So, most skiers would have negative scores. If you have a positive score, you out jumped your seeding (RLS).

Best single round score will be used to qualify top four jumpers for the head-to-head jump off.

Semi-finals: Top qualifier will jump off vs. number 4, 2 against 3, in a head-to-head 2 jump format. 2 vs. 3 battle goes first.

In semi-finals and finals, each skier will take 2 jumps. Higher ranked skier picks skiing order. Second skier on the water must beat first skier’s score to win. First skier wins ties.

The winners of the semi-finals round will go head-to-head for the title. Losers will be ranked based on points earned vs. uRLS in semi-final round.

Cash prizes will be awarded to top 3 jumpers. Prize amount will be based on number of entries.

For question on the rules contact Joel Norton norton7425@bellsouth.net

Registration & Entry Fee question contact Dave Savula Events@WhitestoneLakeEstates.com

Whitestone Summer Starter

2 Round Slalom, Trick, and Jump Class C & L

Our signature 2 round 3-Event tournament has not changed. Whitestone will offer C or L class in each event. All class L slalom will be held within the BallOfSpray Cash Prize event and the entry fee for that event will apply.

One round Slalom, Trick, and Jump on Saturday and the second round on Sunday.

If you are mixing the Summer Starter events with the BallOfSpray event, don’t pay through the OLR but email or text the registrar for fee calculation and an electronic invoice.

Registrar: Dave Savula Events@WhitestoneLakeEstates.com

First time skiers are welcome and will be encouraged under some special Whitestone rules that allow a guaranteed number of passes.

Fees: Class C – 1 event $70, 2 events $80, 3 events $90. Class L – 1 event $120, 2 events $140, 3 events $160. But BOS = $225. You can ski 1 or 2 L / C events and replace the 3rd slalom event with BOS by adding $225. For example, 2 rounds of L trick and Jump = $140 + BOS 3 rounds of slalom cash prize = $225 for a total of $365.


Practice sets are available to all registered participants.

$10 per set: 4 slalom passes, 3 jumps, 2-4 trick passes or 15 mins, whichever comes first.

Slalom, Trick, and Jump will be held on Lake One.

Slalom only will be pulled on Lake Two for those that are entered in the Ball of Spray.

SurePath will be active on both lakes.

Use of your own driver allowable under certain conditions.

Dates/times available: Monday 6/6 to Friday 6/10 from 5pm to 8pm.

Please contact Michelle Walker at michellewalker122316@gmail.com or ‪(734) 652-4942 (text preferred) to schedule your practice sets.

The practice will be sanctioned.

Practice waiver must be signed, and payment received before skiing!

PayPal is the preferred payment for practice and anything else that may come up. The email for PayPal is  ws.treasurer@whitestoneskiclub.com  Put PRACTICE in the Memo line.

See next page for more Info.

Food Services


Officials Meeting & Dinner 7:00 on the pavilion


✅ Smokehouse Grill 7a-8p (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

✅ Big Kona Ice (shaved ice)

✅ The Little Baked Bakery

✅ The Shack (Dinner)

✅ Talking Rock Brewery 6pm


✅ Smokehouse Grill 7a-4p (Breakfast & Lunch)

*Smoke House Grill dinner is burgers, hot dogs, BBQ. Also serving breakfast!

*The Shack is Asian bistro, poke bowls/noodle bowls

Saturday Night Party

2 Food trucks will remain of site to sell their dinner menus. Talking Rock Brewery will be on site starting at 6:00 (Id Required). A Live band will play throughout the evening.


Microtel Inn & Suites. Book your discounted hotel rate by calling the hotel directly at 706-229-5500. Use the discount code Whitestone Water Ski Tournament for the best rate.

Camping & RVs

If you are camping or bringing an RV, please contact Kyle Horton. Kyle will need to know how you will be camping, what time you plan to arrive, and when you plan to depart. There will be special instructions for the security gate. We need to keep a registry of who is staying on site overnight.

Kyle Horton: kylehorton@yahoo.com  ‪(706) 301-8330 • Mobile

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Whitestone Officials’ Development Slalom Series
Whitestone Lake Estates, Talking Rock, GA.
Lake 2 slalom 2-3 rounds from 1:00 – 8:00 pm
Questions? Contact: Events@WhitestoneLakeEstates.com

Week of May 30th
Week of July 11th
Week of August 29th
Week of September 19th
Specific Dates to be announced

Whitestone Fall Finish (3 Event) October 8th, 2022
Whitestone Lake Estates, Talking Rock GA Lakes 1 & 2
Questions? Contact: Events@WhitestoneLakeEstates.com