WLE uses a set/fee recording ‘App’, this works on any type of device. Once you have saved the “app” just enter the information listed to complete your ski sets for the day.

NOTE: There is also a tablet located next to the bulletin board in the pavilion where you can log sets directly without loading the app onto your personal device.

SET FEE APP INSTRUCTIONSDownload the APP HERE and follow the instructions:

  1. Download the App (it should open up “Whitestone Ski Sets 2022”, and it will have a photo of the MC and Dock 2)
  2. Click on page and “save page as” to computer Desktop, iPad or Phone Home Screen


  1. DATE: Today’s date is automatically entered for you. Enter some other date ONLY if you forgot to enter your set fees on the ACTUAL day of skiing.
  2. LOT #: Enter your Lot # – this is a “REQUIRED” Field.
  3. NAME: Enter the name of the Skier, enter Last name then First name – this is a required field.
  4. SETS: Select the number of sets skied – this is a required field.
  5. TYPE OF SKIER: Select self, dependent, non dependent family member or guest – this ias a required field.
  6. GUEST: Enter WLE owner name if skier was a guest.
  7. GUEST WAIVER COMPLETED? Select yes or no to indicate whether the guest filled out a waiver and placed it in the binder. This is your responsiblity
  8. LAKE: Select which lake was skied on. Optional
  9. SET DISCIPLINE: Select the set discipline that was skied. Slalom? Trick? Jump?
  10. Personal Use Fuel Gallons: This does not apply to boats or skiing.

How many gallons did you personally use? Again, for gas for personal machines, carts, lawn devices and vehicles not related to skiing.

The app is easy to use, but if there are questions, contact

Michelle Walker at ws.questions@whitestonelakeestates.com or

Geoff McNabb at ws.treasurer@whitestoneskiclub.com

On or about the 1st of each month, the prior month set data is compiled and an invoice is emailed for all sets taken and other charges. Payment is due upon receipt. Some owners pay via bank-bill-pay, others mail a personal check or Zelle money transfer is also an option.

NOTE: Lot Owners are solely responsible for paying all set charges including fees for their guests. WLE POA does not bill guests directly. Any transaction of guest set fees is strictly between you and your guest.

Guests are defined as either Regular or Non-Dependent Family members.

For any regular guest, there is a 15-ski set maximum each calendar year at $25/set, regardless of the number of Owner hosts. If that guest skis more than 15 sets overall, the rate increases to $50/set. All rates are subject to change, via WLE owner vote.

For non-dependent family (N-DF) sets, there isn’t a limit and the per set fee is now $15. PLEASE NOTE, even though the N-DF sets are not limited, Owners waiting to ski take priority in the ski rotation.

Primary Owner and dependent set fees are unlimited at $11 per set.