I am seeing multiple issues with people trying to use the website:

Some people are trying to login with their usernames and passwords from the old website. Those usernames and passwords DO NOT WORK HERE ! In addition, the website will temorarily block you (for 1 hour) after too many failed login attempts. I don’t want to call anyone out, but …. pay attention to what your browser is doing ! 🙂

The firewall sends me messages when this problem occurs. It looks like people are using cached/saved browser login information, for example, lot xx. If you depend on your browser to save login information for specific websites then you will need to Google how to remove/modify that information. After you have cleared the saved login information, create a new login on the new website. We have shown examples of the different format to use – in an effort to get everyone out of their old username information.

Once you have created a new, properly formatted username, we have to authorize your username before you can login. I try to check everyday for new users and send you an email once you have been authorized. From there, go ahead and do a password reset so you know how that works. Please note that it takes a few minutes for the site to send you an email with the password reset link so if you try to do another password reset link, the first one becomes invalid.

One last issue… some people have reported issues with the way the website looks… images messed up, etc. After troubleshooting, we discovered that those people were using VERY old laptops and browsers. This site works best on updated hardware and software.

Thanks to Sharon Stevens who has been helping me troubleshoot and test login issues. If you continue to have trouble logging into the website, please text me at 770-329-38 nine five.